Domestic Abuse Expert on Inside ‘n’ Out raDNO show today

Between 2-3 pm today, Mark Clark of ‘Inside ‘n’ Out CIC, will continue the development of his raDNO show looking at issues around the criminal justice system and stories affecting maginalised groups in Leicester.

This week Mark’s guest will be Claire Walker of Clare Walker Consultancy. Clare Walker Consultancy offers a range of Domestic Abuse training and consultancy services locally, nationally and internationally. Mark will be talking to Claire about her work. Claire is an expert trainer and survivor and one of the few licensed facilitator of the Freedom Programme. She has experience as a key note speaker,expert panel member, key note speaker and conference host. Claire also runs bespoke training and workshops along with offering 1-2-1 consultancy for private matters.

For more information about Claire Walker Consultancy visit:

Down Not Out News Agency in Leicester continues the development of its raDNO show with live ‘on air’ ‘Confidence Through Broadcasting’ training over the internet on Panj Pani Radio today between 12 pm and 4 pm.

Down Not Out is a news agency run by people with experience of homelessness or vulnerable housing. Funded by the Big Lottery it was formed from a partnership between local charity, Action Homeless, and Citizens’ Eye Community News Agency.

Simon Parker, Down Not Out News Agency coordinator said: “I think DNO has made a good start in developing raDNO but there is a lot more to do – especially in getting more people involved. If you are interested just come along – there will be no pressure to speak if you don’t want to – and some of our best contributors started by saying they would never go on air. All we’re looking for is enthusiasm and the ability to drink tea, coffee or another (non-alcoholic) drink of your choice.

Anyone who is interested about getting involved in raDNO can contact:


Simon Parker said: “It’s great that the show will be hosted on Panj Pani Radio as the station is hosted by the NHS Partnership Trust. It allows us to explore the positive, confidence and self-esteem development that broadcasting training can bring and allows us to look at health issues around homelessness.”

You can listen to the raDNO show by visiting:



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