Action Homeless CEO features on raDNO Frog Island Discs today

Down Not Out News Agency in Leicester continue their raDNO shows live on Panj Pani today between 12 pm and 4 pm. Down Not Out News Agency was created through a partnership between Action Homeless and Citizens’ Eye and is funded by the Big Lottery.

This week the raDNO Frog Island Discs programme between 12-1 pm features the musical choices of Action Homeless CEO Mark Grant. Mark will be showcasing his musical influences and be talking about the latest work of Action Homeless, including the new ‘No Second Night Out’ initiative to provide a quicker and more personal response to people having to sleep rough in Leicester.

Action Homeless is a charity based in Leicestershire dedicated to tackling the causes and consequences of homelessness. Action Homeless believes that people who are homeless have the potential to transform their lives and supports them in every way possible to develop the confidence and skills they need to achieve independent living and realise their goals.

Down Not Out coordinator, Simon Parker,said: “It’s great to be able to show the experience, talent, skills and interests of people who have had experience of homelessness or vulnerable housing. It’s important when services for homeless people are either under attack, disappearing or changing without adequate explanation, that people can have a voice to talk about their concerns and hold people to account. We hope raDNO also shares some of the positive stories of people who have experiences of homelessness or vulnerable housing and to help debunk some of the myths, sterotypes and images that surround the subject.”

“It’s great that the show will be hosted on FM on Panj Pani Radio as the station is hosted by the NHS Partnership Trust. It allows us to explore the positive, confidence and self-esteem development that broadcasting training can bring and allows us to look at health issues around homelessness.”

If you are out of range of the FM signal you can listen to the raDNO show over the internet by visiting:



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