Join Framework “Think Again” campaign on homelessness service cuts in Nottinghamshire

by Neil Skinner from Framework:

Four days, that’s how long we (and more importantly you) have left to make Nottinghamshire County Council think again about proposed cuts that would devastate homelessness services in the county.

Our “Think Again” campaign, now entering its final week, has so far yielded many hundreds or positive responses – from the public, from politicians, from community groups and from the people we exist to support.

We are delighted with the responses we have had but we still need more.

Respond now to the council’s on-line consultation

The single most effective thing you can do to help in the time we have remaining is to complete the Council’s own on-line consultation form and tell your elected leaders exactly what you think about these proposals. If you have done this already, then thank you. If you have not then please do so at your earliest convenience by clicking here. This is now the single most effective thing you can do to help.

See a video about the Think Again at:


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