Nottinghamshire consultation on Wednesday looks at cuts to homelessness prevention services

From HLG:

Nottinghamshire Advice Network (NAN)is deeply concerned about a number of proposals recently announced as part of Nottinghamshire County Council’s budget consultation and are hosting an ‘intelligent discussion’ on the following proposals:

• The cessation of the Welfare Advice Fund
• Cuts to the Welfare Advice Team
• Cuts to Homelessness Prevention Services and Drug and Alcohol Services

NAN have been in close discussion with senior figures at NCC and partners across the third sector and there is a genuine appetite for engagement on these proposals. NAN recognise the scale of the challenge facing NCC and strongly oppose the unfair and disproportionate cuts handed down by central Government.

Nevertheless, NAN feel that the above proposals require closer scrutiny and challenge.

NCC Budget Consultation Event
15th January 2014
1-3pm, St. John Centre, St. John Street
Mansfield, NG18 1QH

The Nottinghamshire Advice Network are hosting a facilitated
discussion on Nottinghamshire County Council’s proposals to cut: the
Welfare Assistance Fund, Welfare Advice provision, Homelessness
Prevention and Drug & Alcohol Services.
For many organisations these proposals will have a huge impact on
their services and service users, and the NCC consultation process can
only go so far in capturing their views. Come along to exercise your
right of reply and articulate your concerns.
NB: A representative of Nottinghamshire County Council will be in
attendance to listen to your views and answer your questions.

– See more at:


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