Iceland bin skipping case dropped as prosecuters find latent common sense gene

How was it ever in the public interest?

DNO would like to thank the boss of Iceland Malcolm Walker for tweeting that the company had played no part in the the arrest of three men arrested for ‘skipping’ food waste and questioning whether it was worth going ahead with the case.

It seems this inspired the CPS to put out a call for someone with a modicum of common sense to drop the case and issue some rapidly cobbled together legal euphemisms to justify their action in the first place.

Let’s hope they’ll also have a whip round to refund the public purse for the cost of a case they must have recognised would have created a tsunami of ire on two counts in austerity Britain, namely the extent of food poverty and food waste.

See an article about the case in The Guardian by Amelia Gentleman:

Prosecutors drop case against men caught taking food from Iceland bins

CPS reverses decision to charge three men after outcry, saying it no longer believes prosecution is in public interest


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