See a homeless US veteran receive makeover in timelapse video

See a short film of homeless US Army veteran, Jim Wolf, undergoing a makeover. The film highlights the work of Degage Ministries, a non profit organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless veterans.


There are some interesting comments about the film too.

For anyone interested in the music we think it is by the band ‘Explosions in the Sky’.

About Degage Ministries.

Dégagé’s goal is to assure that every man and woman who we serve knows that he/she is not alone. Many hardships exist in life and none of us are exempt from them. For those we serve at Dégagé, many of whom are homeless and low-income, the hardships can be overwhelming—loss of shelter, loss of employment, loss of a loved one, loss of control and loss of opportunity. And with these hardships, they lose much more. Many feel unworthy and hopeless, especially after society has looked down upon them or they have been rejected after repeatedly trying to move forward on their own.

Find out more by visiting:


2 thoughts on “See a homeless US veteran receive makeover in timelapse video

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