Tell your council to make homelessness a priority

From Homeless Link:

Make a difference today

Your council is about to make important budget decisions that will affect the level of homelessness in your area.

They are being asked to make difficult choices with a smaller pot of money. It’s important they know how you want them to spend it – and they can only find out if you tell them.

Write to your local councillors today and tell them to keep investing in local services that prevent and tackle homelessness, and support some of the most vulnerable people in your community.

Write to your councillor by using the template at:

Pay it Forward is the latest campaign from Homeless Link, aimed at protecting support for and raising awareness of the services that support people when they lose everything.

Why is this important?

Nearly a third of us has either been homeless or knows someone else who has, and it is often the result of personal circumstances and factors outside of a person’s control.

Complex issues are likely to make the journey out of homelessness difficult. Sometimes these issues are the cause of a person’s homelessness. Sometimes they come later, a symptom of homelessness.


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