SPAT: Changing homeless young lives through fitness programmes

SPAT(Social Purpose & Time) is a non-profit organisation that provides running, fitness and nutritional programmes to homeless and underprivileged young people aged 16-24, embracing the benefits of regular fitness to change lives.

Our aim is to empower young people through running and subsequently improve confidence and motivation amongst young people, dispelling the negativity that hinders their personal development and supporting more in successfully making the transition into employment, education and accommodation.

Members of the inaugural SPAT programme were all NEET upon enrolment and many, the sufferers of deeper, more complex mental issues either as a result of homelessness, or as victims of traumatic circumstances which resulted in homelessness. Having endured the hardship and detrimental psychological effects first-hand, their journey began with little optimism and no self-belief.

The accomplishments and transformations of all our members are a testimony to the power of committing to, and realising personal goals. With superlative determination, they encouraged and supported each other every step of the way. Overcoming both physical and psychological boundaries, they reshaped their outlook and created healthier, happier lifestyles, gaining the confidence to strive further and higher than ever before. In addition, all members secured permanent accommodation and either education, employment or training.

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