Unheard Holler from the Single Homeless Project shortlisted for LankellyChase award

Congratulations to the Single Homeless Project for Unheard Holler being shortlisted in the LankellyChase Awards for homeless and vulnerable people.

In 2011 SHP set up Unheard Holler as a platform for the people passing through SHP to express their views, either in writing or on video, on social issues and other topics that are important to them.

Find out more about the project on the Lemos&Crane website by clicking here

About the awards

Twelve projects have been shortlisted for the LankellyChase Digital Empowerment Awards for homeless and vulnerable people working with new and emerging digital technologies. 71 entries were received in five categories. The awards, presented by the LankellyChase Foundation with Lemos&Crane and Thames Reach will give a total of £2,500 prize money to projects using the growing potential of digital technologies such as the internet, social media, apps and SMS for improving the lives of homeless and vulnerable people, giving them a voice, enhancing their skills and capabilities, facilitating peer support and making the services they receive more personalised and empowering. Winners will be announced on 14 May 2014.


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