People, Potential and Possibilities: P3 to provide new support for homeless people in Leicester

From P3:The Social Inclusion Charity:

In recent years the rising cost of living and economic climate has meant that more and more people have faced the prospect of losing their home. A variety of factors such as problems managing finances, struggling with health issues or accessing employment and training, is meaning that many people in the area are losing their accommodation and facing the threat of becoming homeless.

That is why, from April there will be a new approach to ensuring that people in the City who need help to manage and keep their accommodation, get the right support, at the right time, and in the right place.

The new service will be delivered locally by the social inclusion charity P3, who have already been delivering the model successfully in other parts of the country.

This flexible service aims to provide a bespoke package of support around an individual, addressing the reasons that they are struggling to maintain the property, helping them to move forward and continue living in their own home. Services will be provided by phone, in people’s homes, or at a new city centre drop-in.

Previously a number of different support services had been delivered across Leicester by multiple providers. However, Leicester City Council looked to re-model the service. Following a competitive tender process, P3’s innovative and award winning service, were awarded the contract.

P3 will now work with current clients of the previous providers and stakeholders in Leicester to ensure a smooth transition into the new service between now and April.

Mark Simms, Acting Chief Executive of P3, said “We’re delighted to be able to run this new service in the City. P3 as an organisation, started by running a number of homeless hostels. However, we quickly realised that providing accommodation for people is one solution to homelessness, but what we also need to do is stop people losing their homes and becoming homeless. This new service aims to do exactly that.”

“People lose their homes for a multitude of reasons, this could be; money management problems, addiction, debt, health reasons, or many other things. Our approach is to not offer a one-size fits all service, but to see each client as an individual and work out a unique approach for them to overcome their own personal barriers.”

“Our first and foremost priority though is to ensure that current clients accessing services are informed and engaged with, making the transition as smooth and positive for them as we possibly can.”


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