Latest report from Real Life Reform

See the headlines from the latest Real Life Reform Report:

Retained case studies have borrowed a further £670 each since October,
averaging an increase in debt of £52 each week.

77% of households are in debt and the average debt is £3,503, a 54% increase since our
last report. (note: the average debt for ‘retained participants’ is £2,943, a rise of 28%)

£34.41 is the average weekly debt repayment, an increase of 58%

18.5% of income is spent on fuel costs compared to the national average of 5.1%.

69% of households spend less than £40 per week on food.

Nearly a third of households spend less than £20 per week on food.

Average spend per person per day on food is now £3.08 – up from £2.10 in December.

46% of participants report have nothing left each week to live on once rent and essentials
such as food and bills have been paid.

Use of local shops has halved with less than 5% of participants using them.

60% of active job-seekers applied for between 20 and 40 jobs in the last three months but
71% were not offered an interview.

22.2% applied for more than 40 jobs, a 113% increase since report two.

70% of applicants for Discretionary Housing Payment have been successful.

Participants expressed concern about media representation of people on benefits.

See the full report by clicking the link here:


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