Support the Shut Out Campaign for young homeless people

From Crisis:

Too many young people are facing homelessness.

8 per cent of young people say they have been homeless in the last 5 years. The number sleeping rough in London has more than doubled since 2010. A generation is being shut out: unable to afford even a room to rent.

They deserve better than this.

A major reason young people are becoming homeless is that they get much less help to pay the rent. We think that’s wrong.

Housing benefit for young people should at least pay for a room in a cheap shared house. Too often it doesn’t. Instead they are left to sleep where they can: on the floors of friends and family or at worst on the streets.

Our Shut Out campaign is calling for housing benefit that actually meets the cost of a room in a shared house for young people.

We think these problems can be fixed. It shouldn’t be controversial – but we need your help to make ministers take this issue seriously.

Support the campaign here:


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