Homeless services & Job Centre look to improve effects of welfare reform on homeless people

From Homeless Link:

Working Together:

Developing links between job centre plus and the homelessness sector

A free event in Nottingham on April 29

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 ushers in the greatest changes to welfare benefits in some sixty years. These changes will have far reaching impacts for benefit claimants particularly for vulnerable people and the services which support them. Welfare changes are also set to alter the way Job Centre Plus Staff support claimants on their journey into employment.

The Claimant Commitment is currently being rolled out across the country and aims to personalise the job seeking requirements and expectations to the individual claimant. By working in partnership with Job Centre Plus homelessness agencies can support vulnerable clients to disclose their support needs and identify the support they are already receiving to prepare for work. Working in partnership will support claimants to meet the requirements of their claimant commitment, avoid sanctions and get the support they need to prepare for employment.


Support JCP staff in understanding the work of homelessness services
Support JCP staff in understanding the barriers faced by people experiencing homelessness
Support homelessness agencies in understanding details of the Claimant Committment and Claimant Journey from a JCP perspective
Provide networking and partnership development opportunities.

For more information click on the link here


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