New letter marks biggest ever faith intervention on food poverty in modern times

From The Trussell Trust:

Today a letter co-signed by 40 Anglican Bishops and over 600 church leaders from all major denominations will call for urgent Government action to be taken on UK food poverty.
The letter, initiated by End Hunger Fast, will be delivered to the constituency offices of each of the three main party leaders by three church leaders who have been fasting for 40 days in solidarity with people facing hunger in the UK. This will mark the biggest ever faith leader intervention on UK food poverty in modern times.

There will also be a public vigil led by End Hunger Fast opposite Parliament at Old Palace Yard at 6pm. At the vigil Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi at Movement for Reform Judaism, will for the first time publicly express the cross-communal support of the Jewish community for action against UK food poverty.

Academics are also expected to add their voice to the growing groundswell of public concern at the growth of UK hunger.
Chris Mould says: ‘We are encouraged that there is a growing public concern over the problem of UK hunger. Faith leaders, academics, charities and MPs are all standing up to say that hunger is not acceptable in Britain, and that is what gives us hope for change.’


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