Leicester City Council rent arrears equals the amount they reduced council tax allowance to those on benefits

DNO attended the Leicester City Council Housing Scrutiny Committee to find out about the Leicester City Council Rent Arrears Progress Report

Here are some edited ‘lowlights’.

EVICTIONS – 68 people evicted at a cost of just under £395,000 (Shelter ‘Immediate Costs to Government’ paper).

– This has risen by 61% from 42
– Attempted ‘this is not solely the result of bedroom tax’ defence. Although true it IS a combination of the bedroom tax, the reduction in Council tax support (meaning people have to pay at least 20% of their bill) and a rent increase of 3.2% and service charge increases of 3%.

ARREARS – There is a steady increase of those struggling with rent payments.
– Total arrears owing to the council is equal to that which they reduced max council tax allowance, 20% (pay less rent to pay the extra council tax? Anyone?)
– Those in serious arrears (7wks or more) are now 30% higher. 1944 people in total.
– Despite figures showing tenants were already struggling LCC still implemented a rent increase (the next quarterly figures should be VERY interesting)
On an interesting note for those of you under-occupying your home and using the DHP fund:
– If you aren’t bidding you won’t get any more assistance.
– For the 80% of you unwilling to move and in difficulty with rent more robust measures will be used to means test your eligibility for DHP payments, e.g. if you have sky/internet/mobile phones you may not be eligible for extra housing payments.



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