See doorway’s community voice for homeless people

Doorway is an open access drop-in centre for those who are homeless, sofa surfing or who have complex issues that might affect their ability to acquire and / or sustain a tenancy – based in Chippenham in Wiltshire. Doorway host Doorway’s community voice which is a blog for homeless and marginalised guests to express themselves.

The Doorway website says:

We believe that homeless and marginalised adults are capable of change and will only achieve their full potential when offered a safe, supportive, empowering and non-judgemental environment which will help reverse the downward spiral of homelessness.

As well as providing guests with everyday basics like freshly cooked food, and laundry and shower facilities, we also offer a range of activities such as:

creative writing
art workshops
indoor football
IT training
women’s group
These activities aim to build self esteem and teach new skills as a first step to moving into work and sustaining a tenancy.

See the blog here


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