SHARP rise in need for housing advice in Leicester

The Shelter Housing Aid and Research Project (SHARP) offers FREE, confidential and impartial information, advice and assistance to anyone in housing need in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The recently published Annual Review has shown a big increase in the take up of the service since 2008-09. The yearly figures since are as follows:

2008-9 – 237
2009-10 – 307
2010-11 – 556
2011-12 – 541
2012-13 – 635m
2013-14 – 882

The review includes a case study from the Housing Advice Service:

Katherine is a British national with 2 children. Both children are British nationals and of school age. She and her children had been living abroad with her husband due to severe domestic violence and has returned to the UK. On her return to the UK she stayed with her uncle and put her children into school.

She was unable to stay with her uncle for more than 2 months and so approached her local authority for assistance with her housing. The local authority told her that she was not eligible for assistance because she had not been living in the UK, despite the fact that she is a British citizen.She approached SHARP to help with a review of the Authority’s decision. SHARP assisted in getting the decision overturned and she is now waiting for an offer of permanent accommodation.

If you need housing advice contact SHARP at:

13 Welford Road, Leicester

Tel: 0116 254 6064



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