InDNO – news agency goes independent to help people with housing & homelessness issues

Welcome to Independent Down Not Out News and Support Agency, or for short, InDNO.

InDNO is a new community interest company formed by staff and volunteers from Down Not Out, to help people to help themselves to resolve issues with with housing, homeless and welfare services and to provide a platform for them to tell their stories.

InDNO was formed in response to recommendations from independent homeless shelters, independent homeless activists and groups along with consultation with its staff, volunteers and advisory group.

The key recommendation was that InDNO was INDEPENDENT, retaining no alliance, or reliance on any other housing, homeless or welfare service provider.

Mags Scragg, a director of InDNO, said: “It was important for us to respond to what people wanted and needed. We hope InDNO will provide opportunities for people to get involved with sorting out their increasingly complex housing, homeless and welfare problems.”

Simon Parker, a fellow director, said, “InDNO aims to give people the chance to tell their own stories about how they are being affected by services and will continue to post links to news, stories and information about housing, homelessness and welfare issues.”

The InDNO office is based in the Home-Start Centre, 6-8 West Walk, Leicester, LE1 7NA.

Please contact InDNO at:

Tel:0116 2543065


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