Benefit Sanctions Fuelling Homelessness Says Charity’s Report Exposing ‘Broken Regime’

By Graeme Demianyk published by The Huffington Post:

One-in-five people made homeless in the last year were forced onto the streets after the Government stripped them of welfare payments, a survey has claimed.

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Finding Common Ground: How Big Banks & Small Charities Can Work Together on Homelessness

By Lareena Hilton published by The Huffington Post:

You may think a leading bank with an extensive global presence and a shelter for homeless and vulnerable people in South London make an unlikely partnership. But with one in ten small charities balancing the threat of closure with a significant demand for their services, groups like the Drive Forward Foundation, who build positive futures for care leavers, need our help.

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100,000 Children Will Wake Up Homeless On Christmas Day -15,000 More Than Last Year, Shelter Estimates

By Steven Hopkins published by The Huffington Post:

More than 100,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas Day across Britain – the equivalent of four children for every school in the country – according to estimates from Shelter.

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Serving the Homeless as an Act of Rebellion

By Sophie Rebekah Beal published by The Huffington Post:

We all have a good deal of pre-conceived notions about what it means to be homeless and probably at least as many ideas about what it means to serve the homeless. I usually feel awkward when I tell people that I work at a homeless services agency — I know they’re painting a picture in their mind of what I do, probably something involving an apron, soup, and a ladle.

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