Housing crisis hits 1960s levels as tenants battle to cope, says Shelter

By Jamie Doward published by The Observer:

Five decades after Cathy Come Home, charity says that 53% of private tenants are struggling to pay rent.

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Glasgow’s homeless hostel scandal trumps the Scottish independence debate

By Kevin McKenna published in The Observer:

The appalling conditions in the Bellgrove hotel are a horrifying reminder of how we treat our poorest and most defeated citizens

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Record number of homeless people turned to Crisis at Christmas

By Nadia Khomani:

Record number of homeless people turned to Crisis at Christmas Charity helped more than 4,500, the most in its 40-year history

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Britain is scared to face the real issue – it’s all about inequality

By Will Hutton in The Observer:

The growing gap between rich and poor precipitated the last crash. Ominously, the same forces are abroad again

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